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HYALURON Anti-Aging Serum

29,95  inkl. MwSt.

Includes 19% MwSt. DE
(59,90  / 100 ml)

Rich, high-dose anti-aging concentrate with Hyaluron, Bio-Hyaluron and Argireline® for a strengthened skin structure and a youthfully fresh appearance.

Dr. Ben´s effective moisture booster binds maximum moisture in the skin through the contained high- and low-molecular hyaluron.
The skin appears strengthened, padded and thus receives smoothness and freshness.



Skin type:

all skin types

Special active ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid cushions the skin, supports collagen and elastin fibres and can even release free radicals.
to intercept. It is also water-binding, gel-forming and promotes skin regeneration. The smaller molecules can penetrate slightly deeper into the epidermis and improve moisture retention in the skin. The larger molecules lie on the skin and immediately provide a smooth skin feeling. For a visibly firmer and smoother complexion.
Long chain hyaluronic acid acts on the upper skin layer and has an immediately visible effect. It binds moisture, pads up the skin and thus achieves a skin tightening and smoothing result. Short-chain hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, works in deeper skin layers, ensures a balanced water balance and achieves positive long-term effects. The combination of both forms of hyaluronic acid ensures an optimal mode of action. Hyaluronic acid slows down skin aging, supports the rejuvenation of the skin from the inside, smoothes wrinkles and balances out uneven areas.

Moisture preserving, skin smoothing, has the ability to attract water, part of the skin’s own moisture retention system. Glycerin can be stored in the uppermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum. It can stabilize the skin’s barrier function by regenerating the lipid structures of the horny layer lipids and thus increasing the skin’s elasticity.

The silver mushroom is used in Chinese medicine because it protects the liver and has antidiabetic effects. The vital mushroom also supports the blood circulation and thus ensures a firm skin. In addition, it inhibits the reactions promoted by oxygen and preserves the moisture of the skin.

Argireline® solution is the first anti-wrinkle hexapeptide with a botulinum toxin-like mechanism of action. It reduces the depth of wrinkles in the face by contraction of muscles, especially in the forehead and around the eyes.