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Corporate Philosophy

„Every human being is unique, fascinating and in it`s own way beautiful!“

At a time where cosmetics are mostly interpreted as lamination, glossing-over, hiding or falsification we need a fundamental change of paradigm: Moving away from „glossing over“ to visualize the hidden, inner beauty.

The „HIDDEN BEAUTY“ product series provides a complete product range – for all skin types the perfect suitable ingredient combination. Each product is an unique product on the highest level of quality – exclusively high quality ingredients are used.

For that reason our customers won’t receive packed colorings nor fragrances but „ACTIVE INGREDIENTS“ to bring forth this „hidden beauty“ thereby, self-esteem, self-confidence as well as QUALITY OF LIFE will be supported.
Only products that passed elaborate testings are brought to market: dermatological testings, vegan ingredients, „Halal“- Certification and extracts from organic cultivation. Sustainability, the idea of „Fair Trade“ as well as the quality reliability by development and manufacturing „Made in Germany“ are considered.

These are my personal values:

Your Dr. Ben